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Standard detail level for 3D Floor plans


Standard is a good compromise between details and performance.

With Standard detail level we create 3D floor-plans with close to reality look to the building. Standard floor plans run even in mobile devicesĀ  and with small to medium buildings you don’t have to worry about device performance – just WebGL support is required.



We would like to have a good source material to make an accurate floor plan. Please try to provide us CAD-drawings and as much pictures from interior and exterior as possible. Then we will try to catch the “soul” of the building and make a realistic simple 3D building model for you.

With this you can expect following:

  • Stairs, elevators, lifts are detailed
  • Rooms have entrances
  • More detailed ground
  • External walls


If you need more accuracy in the future, we can always upgrade your Standard floor plan to our Premium level floor plan.


See examples of our Standard floor plans:


See the map in 3D Wayfinder application.


See the map in 3D Wayfinder application.


See the map in 3D Wayfinder application.


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