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Visualize buildings and share them with other people

With 3D Wayfinder you can show any building in 3D and embed it in your website.

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3D 3D_floorplan_realestate_property_saleWayfinder is a perfect tool for architects and real estate developers for sharing building  floor-plans. Instead of pre-rendered 360-degree videos or 3D renderings you can upload whole 3D models and show them in web browsers without the need for additional plug-ins.

1. Upload 3D model

Upload 3D floor plans.
If you need help with the 3D model you can always order it from us.

2. Set up directory

Insert locations and add all the important places: stairs, elevators, ATM-s, mailboxes or whatever is important.

3. Share the 3D model

Show the 3D model in your website or choose favorite template and share the link

New perspective for collaborative architecture

  • Show the building the way it will look like in future
  • Share your floor plans and collect feedback
  • Virtual walkthrough inside the building
  • Interactive floor-plan directory

Make the real estate developments live

  • Let the users “feel” the buildings with real time 3D
  • Provide building directory with free apartments, rental spaces etc.
  • Use 3D object gallery for interior design

Building management in web applications

  • Build interactive applications with 3D models
  • Use the path finding features to navigate in buildings
  • Integrate user forms with building models

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