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User interfaces for building automation apps

Interactive 3D floor plans for controlling and monitoring buildings and smart homes

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With 3D Wayfinder you can create interactive 3D floor plans and embed them in you application. You can easily get user interactions from 3D plans and integrate them with your building automation with real time monitoring options.

1. Upload floor plan

Upload 3D floor plans.
If you need help with the 3D model you can always order it from us.

2. Set up controls

Insert the needed POI’s for controls: lights, temperature regulators, door locks etc.

3. Embed 3D floor plan in your app

Embed 3D floor plan in any web based application and make it interactive through our javascript API.

Controlling the building in more intuitive way

  • No need for descriptions like “Living room ceiling lamp no. 2”, everything can be clicked from the floor plan.
  • Directory, search and grouping options out-of-the-box

Monitoring through the interactive floorplans

  • Temperature or other sensor data on the floor plan by changing colors or rendering billboards with monitoring data
  • Change the 3D model when the real situation changes: light is on, door is open, it is dark outside

Integration to web applications

  • Powerful javascript API for floor plan interactions
  • WebGL based real time 3D rendering
  • 2D maps for mobile devices that doesn’t support webGL


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