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3D simulations based on floor plans

Interactive 3D floor plans for creating web based simulations

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With 3D Wayfinder it is easy to create simulations based on 3D floor plans. Using pathfinding features in 3D wayfinder you can create emergency and evacuation simulations and provide 3D walkthrough to nearest exit. Evacuation plans can be set up directly based on 3D Wayfinder standard features.

1. Upload floor plan

Create and upload floor plans. 3D Wayfinder provides also professional 3D plan modelling.

2. Set up simulation

Insert locations (emergency exits, equimpent, etc), define navigation rules and set up camera movement speed and other options.

3. Use the 3D plan for training or evacuation

Use the 3D plan in your training materials or create evacuation plans for kiosks or large displays.

Realtime 3D rendering

  • With 3D Wayfinder everything is rendered in real time. There is no for changing the model, when changing simulation’s paths or speed.
  • Built in features for first person view. Navigate the 3D floor plans the way you see the building in real life.

Create more complicated simulations based on 3D Wayfinder API

  • Javascript API for all floor plan interactions
  • 3D Wayfinder is based on open source WebGL engine
  • Easy integration to any web based apps

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