Using QR-codes in wayfinding application

November 10, 2016

The easiest way for the visitor to get the wayfinding map into their mobile device is to add a QR-code to the kiosk application. By scanning the QR-code, the map of the building will open on the visitors mobile phone.

QR codes are getting more and more popular for sharing links for app downloads, promotions, additional information etc. QR-codes provide
an easy way to share maps from wayfinding kiosks to mobile devices.
Just scan the code and get the map to your device, no need for
downloading any app or looking through the menus for your destination

3D Wayfinder supports dynamic QR-codes for following cases: “You are
here” location, path to selected location and location on the map.

“You are here” in 3D Wayfinder is a node, that can be configured for
each kiosks separately by simply using attribute in wayfinder URL. The
QR code will be generated automatically using the same kiosk
parameters, so there is no additional work with QR-codes, even when
using 20 or more wayfinding kiosks in a shopping mall, hospital or
university campus.


It is also possible to provide the entire path from current location to the
selected location on the map. In this case the QR codes redirects to
the 3D Wayfinder application with an attribute that shows the path immediately after it finishes loading. The Visitor can have the path visualized in their mobile phone without the need to search or select anything.

The third possibility is to show the specific location. Each location in
3D Wayfinder is a node, that can have its own view (including direction
and zoom in 3D). By selecting any location on the kiosks, it is
possible to show the QR code for this location. So the link behind the
QR will open the map with the view to this location. By using
positioning it is possible to capture the real location of the visitor
and guide the visitor to the location that was scanned from the kiosk

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