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3D Floor plan ordering form published

We have published 3D floor plan ordering and pricing form . It will make easier to order floor plans from us and give the price estimation right away  when selecting options and checking input materials. We are offering 3 different detail levels: 1) Lite – simple floor plan, but still in 3D. Suitable for large […]

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Transparency in 3D Wayfinder

Recently we introduced improved transparency handling to FRAK engine. It can now be configured between three transparency rendering modes: sorted, blended and stochastic.   The sorted mode is what used to be the default earlier and is there mainly for backwards compatibility and fallback reasons. This can be used for decent transparency, but the geometry […]

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Upload image files for floor plans, walk-through view in 3D and other new features

We have done many improvements and there are new important features in 3D Wayfinder. It is possible now to upload image files for floor plans. In 3D mode, the floor plans are rendered as planes. When using 2D mode, floor plan images are shown the same way as renderings from 3D models. This makes easier […]

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Wayfinding Icons and Pictograms

Wayfinding Icons

Here You can find a set of public domain icons for way finding purposes. Use these pictographs as You like.   Download the .svg file from here.

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