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Additional 35% performance increase in WebGL for 3D floor plans

Shaders now use explicit vertex attribute locations in 3D Wayfinder. This and other improvements gave us approximately 35% increase in FPS (frames per second) in WebGL. Change is more noticeable with larger floor plans. Tests were done with 2 PC-s, the same one we used before: Laptop 1. Low-end laptop from Samsung: Quad-Core 1 GHz, […]

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3D Wayfinder performance test on browsers

We have tested 3D Wayfinder with different browsers and different PC-s. Main criteria which we were measuring is FPS (frames per second). The goal was to check how fast is WebGL in most common browsers. We are limiting FPS to 30, as human eye mostly don’t recognize the difference above 30 FPS. For example most […]

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New shaders in 3D Wayfinder

With specular shader

There is now specular shader implemented in 3D Wayfinder. This will give more life-like look for materials like metal, stone, plastic etc. Specular shaders create the bright highlights that you would see on a glossy surfaces. It is mimicking the reflection of light sources. At this time the shader is not configurable, but we will […]

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75% increase in 3D Wayfinder’s performance

With last week update we have done some improvements in our WebGL engine FRAK. Average performance increase is 75% and with larger floor plans it is even more. We measured FPS (frames per second) increase from 5FPS to 15FPS with over 300 thousand poly model. More than half of the polygons were transparent, which makes […]

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