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Holiday Greetings from 3D Wayfinder Team


We wish you Peaceful Xmas and happy successful new year! We have a small gift to You also: with any 3D floor plan You’ll get 6 months of 3D Wayfinder Lite for free. This can help you demo your wayfinding solution, show the new apartment building or share your architectural masterpiece. Our goals for next […]

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Upgraded User Manual

It is said that “There comes a time when all people break down and do the unthinkable: They read the manual”. And when that happens, we like to be prepared. So we upgraded 3D Wayfinder Administration panel user manual. Adding and editing projects, floors or locations is quite easy, but when it comes to nodes […]

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3D floor plan modelling examples


Our customers ask us what is the difference between Lite, Standard and Premium modelling. We made have made a short description page for each modelling level: Lite makes simple and easily understandable floor-plan in real 3D Standard is a good compromise between details and performance Premium 3D floor-plans make most out of WebGL In each […]

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SSAO shader implemented


We have implemented SSAO shader for FRAK WebGL engine and 3D Wayfinder. SSAO is Screen Space Ambient Onclusion, it will make shadows for corners and edges. This means more life-true 3D and nicer floor plans for 3D Wayfinder users. Below is the screen-shot of 3D floor plan of one accommodation building in Finland. In left […]

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