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Towards rule-base wayfinding

Future in wayfinding includes definitely possibility to create complex rules for path finding. Now there are also node restrictions in 3D Wayfinder to specify working days etc. One of the last addition to 3D Wayfinder was node weights for calculating optimal paths. This made possible to guide visitors in some recommended way. Now there is […]

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3D interactive floor plan demo

Check out our new 3D Wayfinder platform demo. This will give you short overview of what you can do with 3D Wayfinder and what are our API capabilities. The demo has following topics: Moving 3D map with mouse cursor or touch screen. Clicking on the map and getting location name and description. Changing floors of […]

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On September 11 server maintenance

There is a server migration done by our hosting provider on September 11. This will cause a small downtime of 3D Wayfinder application servers. We hope the downtime will be less than hour. We will notify the exact time, when we know more.      

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