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Indoor positioning demo with custom floors and iBeacons

Now it is possible to order indoor positioning demo application. For demo we will send you required amount of iBeacon devices and create custom 2D or 3D floor plan. With 3D Wayfinder mobile application it is possible to see indoor positioning with wayfinding functionality. iBeacons are Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that can broadcast their […]

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Wayfinding kiosk with Raspberry Pi

We have recently experimented with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, to see how it can work as media player for digital signage display or wayfinding information kiosk. As a result we can say, it works well with 2D wayfinding maps and with 3D Wayfinder Advertisement Module.   Raspberry Pi is a small credit card […]

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Choosing the best wayfinding software

There are lots of different wayfinding softwares and it might be difficult to decide which solution to pick. We have used our experience and gathered some suggestions that will help you choose the best¬†wayfinding application. Over all the best application is always the one that has the most options and can be adapted exactly to […]

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