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Lite detail level for 3D Floor plans


Lite makes simple and easily understandable floor-plan in real 3D.

With 3D overview and 2D simplicity you’ll get a good mapping of the building and excellent performance in WebGL.


Lite level floor plan

With the Lite modelling we take the usual building floor-plan drawing (may be simple PDF file or image) and turn it into complex 3D shapes, where each “box” is a room in the building. From our 3D models library we choose suitable standard objects for better illustration.

With this you can expect following:

  • Stairs, elevators, lifts are detailed
  • Rooms are displayed as simple boxes
  • Simplified ground
  • No external walls


If you need more in the future, we can always upgrade your Lite floor plan to our Standard or Premium.


See example of our Lite floor plan:


See the map in 3D Wayfinder application.

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