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Professional 3D Floor Plan Modelling

Our experienced modelling team together with our modelling community can create 3D floor plan models for You.

Optimized for web

Provided 3D models are optimized for web applications.

3D Wayfinder compatible

Our 3D floor plans are 100% compatible with 3D Wayfinder platform.

Fast & cost effective

We can provide you the cost of the 3D modelling instantly.

3D Modelling packages

Stairs, elevators, lifts are detailed

Rooms are displayed as simple boxes

Simplified ground

No external walls

» Read more about Lite level

Stairs, elevators, lifts are detailed

Rooms have entrances

More detailed ground

External walls

» Read more about Standard level

Stairs, elevators, lifts are detailed

Rooms have walls, doors, windows and they are textured

More detailed ground

External walls

Additional objects (trees, cars etc)

» Read more about Premium level

Some of our modelling work

Beach Mall
Shopping mall (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Shopping mall (Bergen, Norway)
KIMS Hospital
Two floor hospital (Kochi,India)
Shopping center connected with office tower (Tartu, Estonia)
Kennedy Space Center
NASA tourist park (Florida, USA)
A large shopping mall with more than 2000 locations (Sheikh Zayed Highway, Kuwait)
Shopping mall (Bodø, Norway)
Shopping mall (Strömstad, Sweden)
New York Metro
Pilot project based on Wall Street station (New York, USA)
Shopping mall (Pori, Finland)

What you get

  • 3D floor plans will be uploaded to 3D Wayfinder
  • After each improvement, You’ll see the result
  • All models will be sent you in open 3D format(.dae) with all the textures
  • You can use them wherever you need.

Fast delivery with reasonable price

Thanks to our unified modelling process, we can offer reasonable price with fast and guaranteed delivery. Usual time for 3D floor plan modeling is 7 to 28 days depending on the complexity of floor plans and detail level.

All orders can be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal or bank transfer. Orders less than 2000 USD has to be paid upfront.