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3D Wayfinder Add-ons

All add-ons can be ordered from “Add-ons” page under “Billing” menu in 3D Wayfinder Administration. Add-ons are monthly subscription based.


With Statistics add-on you can see application usage by time, location, keyword and other parameters. All the data is also visualized with charts.

Statistics add-on helps you statistics_overviewto see what your customers are looking for and how they use 3D Wayfinder. You can see what time is the application being used and what languages the customers prefers. Each usage session is being tracked by user activity, so you can see session times, clicks per session etc.

For other applications you can see statistics per device category, operating system and browser. This will give you an overview of how your customers are using the application.

For wayfinding application, you can also see what kiosks are more used and what is searched in each kiosk. All unsuccessful searches are also saved, so it is possible to see what customers are really looking for.

Price – 19 USD or 17 EUR



Path tool

With Path tool you can create navigation paths in 3D Wayfinder Editor.

Pathfinding add-on for 3D Wayfinder

To find the shortest route between two location you have to create a mesh of all possible routes in the 3D floor plan. This is done by placing possible destination and half way points and connecting these with each other. Pathfinding add-on enables this features in the 3D Wayfinder Editor.

Pathfinding is necessary for creating wayfinding applications or making different simulations. When navigation nodes are connected, then there are simple API calls for showing the path from one location to another. Location can be shown as route visualization or with moving a camera (First-Person-View).

Path tool is included in Pro and Business plan.



Offline snapshot

Snapshot add-on allows you to download 3D Wayfinder application for offline use.


Download 3D Wayfinder application and floor-plan models for offline use. Basically all maps, location data and necessary javascript code will be generated as static file and you can download it. Stylesheets from ordered templates will be added also to snapshots. Then you can upload it to local web server. In this case there is no need for internet connection.

Snapshot add-on is included in Pro and Business plan.






Advertisement add-on makes your wayfinding application part of your digital-signage channel.

Add and manage different ads in 3D Wayfinder. Ads can be images or videos and it is possible to create different  layouts. It is possible to create a “screen saver” mode, where you can show only advertisements. This helps to profit from wayfinding, when nobody is currently using the application.

There are also 3D billboard advertisements which will make the 3D map more attractive and doesn’t disturb the end-user when searching something or getting directions. Ads can be connected with keywords which makes the advertisement more targeted.

Price – 99 USD or 89 EUR