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Setup 3D Wayfinder as a kiosk application

To use the 3D Wayfinder application on a touch screen kiosk, you need to use a browser in kiosk mode or use a special kiosk software.

We recommend using NW.js (previously called node-webkit). It is an open-source software which you can download for free. NW.js is an application runtime based on Chromium and node.js. It is fast and also secure for use as a kiosk browser. Chromium is the best browser engine for WebGL, you can see the benchmarking here.

Now you need to modify the file “package.json” to disable the toolbar and set the start page to your 3D Wayfinder project as follows:


“window”: {

“kiosk”: true,

“toolbar”: false,

“frame”: true


“main”: “”,

“name”: “3D Wayfinder”



You have to change the “YOUR_WAYFINDER_PROJECT_ID” to your actual 3D Wayfinder project unique ID and the “TEMPLATE” to the template name, you are going to use in your kiosk. When you don’t specify the template, the project will be shown with our default template.

When you add nw.exe to start-up menu (under Windows), then the kiosk application will be opened automatically every time after reboot. To close the NW.js window, just use the keyboard shortcut ALT+F4.

When you have many wayfinding kiosks, then you can change the You-Are-Here to different place in your 3D floor-plan for each kiosk. For this you need to specify the kiosk in the URL by adding “?kiosk=ID” (without the quote marks of course ;)) to the end of the URL, where “ID” is the kiosk node ID. If you see a hashtag (#) at the end of the URL, then you need to add the the kiosk parameter right before the hashtag like this – TEMPLATE/?kiosk=3#/. For setting kiosk view, please see the user manual. So the URL with the kiosk location provided will look like this:

And if the URL includes a hashtag then the URL with the kiosk location provided will look like this:!/