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Science center AHHAA

About science center AHHAA

Ahhaa is the largest and one-of-a-kind science center in Estonia and the Baltic States. On 7th May 2011 Science Centre Ahhaa in Tartu opened the doors of its new, 11,156 m² building. It has cubage amounting of more than 54,000 m3 so it is quite spacious. Building is specific because it consists of three uniquely shaped blocks of exhibition halls (a dome, a half-dome and a box) which extend through several storeys and on the roof top of the building there is a full-sphere planetarium. You can see all the particularities of this building in the 3D Wayfinder’s video above.

The center provides its visitors opportunity to learn about science, have exciting action and helps to acquire useful skills. Planned number of visitors is 110,000 per year.

Kiosk application

3D Wayfinder was installed in the building before its grand opening. For company 3D Techologies R&D it was one of their first wayfinding projects. In the year 2011 3D Wayfinder Content Management System (CMS) was quite lite and minimalistic compared to today’s CMS. Because of that the whole process took longer than it takes now. The center’s 3D map was based on the CAD drawings. The work was simplified by the fact that the building had recently been completed, so the drawings were very precise. It should also be brought out that thanks to the 3D map it was possible to convey the building’s structural specifications that can not be done by the ordinary 2D map.

3D Wayfinder directory lists all the rooms in the center and permanent exhibits as well. You can easily find Your way to the giant energy machine. But if You prefer studying living creatures (such as wood ants or the hatching chicklets) then find Your way to them through the Hall of Nature.

Ahhaa 3D Wayfinder is non-commercial – that means it has no advertising module but it includes all the standard features such as:

  • 3D map,
  • Fast search engine,
  • Pinch zoom and  rotate the 3D map,
  • “You are here” spot,
  • Graphical route animation,
  • Multilingual,
  • Content Management System,
  • Statistics of usage,
  • Custom user interface.

Read more about 3D Wayfinder’s features.

Kiosk hardware

Hardware selection was based on the needs of the center, as well as its compatibility with 3D Wayfinder’s software. The decision was made to go with two 46″ diagonal size, multi-touch screens with Full HD resolution. The information kiosks were produced by ML Novator. Description of the screens: