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Partner program details

3D Wayfinder’s Partner program is for app developers, who would like to use 3D floor plans inside their applications. 3D content should bring innovation or make the apps cooler. If you are just building wayfinding solution or using 3D for building visualization, then you can choose a suitable service plan from our standard packages.

Our Partner program will give you unlimited access to 3D Wayfinder service for 1 year after which we will overlook your need for access to free 3D Wayfinder.

We will also give developer support for members of our partner program and take into consideration all the needed features for 3D Wayfinder and FRAK engine (our open-source 3D engine which underlies 3D Wayfinder).
3D Wayfinder’s Partner program is exclusive to companies and developers who meet the criteria below. Please read the information carefully and apply to join if the program is interesting for you. We take our partner program very seriously and hope to create a lasting and beneficial relationship with you.

We are looking from our Partner program members:


For applying to our partner program, please contact us.