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Security applications based on 3D floor plans

Use 3D plans for security and surveillance systems

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3D Wayfinder allows to create interactive 3D floor plans for positioning sensors, alarms, cameras etc. 3D maps make easier to monitor security systems and give powerful options for sorting and searching security cameras based on their field of views

1. Set up floor plan

Create and upload floor plans for your application. 3D Wayfinder offers also professional 3D plan modelling.

2. Mark locations for devices

Mark locations for needed security devices like: sensors, alarms and cameras.

3. Use the 3D plan in your security system

Use the 3D plan in your security application for visualization or for controlling different security devices.

3D Wayfinder API allows to create more complex security applications

  • Javascript API for all floor plan interactions
  • Easy integration to any web based application
  • Change device locations on 3D floor plans
  • Calculate field of views for surveillance cameras and use 3D floor plans
    for searching and sorting cameras for required places according to 3D maps.


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