Central content management system to control everything from one place

3D Wayfinder flexible, powerful and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) gives you control over kiosks, mobile application and your web page from one centralized system.

Basic CMS features include:
  • Uploading or changing 3D maps;
  • Entering and changing locations, managing routes, creating groups and more;
  • Adjusting different parameters such as route displaying options, camera views, floor buttons and more;
  • Change logos and images on the map;
  • Adding or removing languages.

It is also easy to get statistics about the usage of the kiosk on your site. For the management of property, it is important to get information about visitors and their needs. This is especially true in shopping malls, where rental fees depend on visiting trends.

From statistics module you will get information about:

  • Which is the most popular location?
  • What languages do the visitors speak?
  • Which kiosk is used the most?
  • What time is the building directory most used?
  • What are the successful and unsuccessful searches?