Wayfinding solution for airports

March 13, 2019

Airports are often places that many people do not visit very often and therefore they can be difficult to navigate. Finding the right gate in the right terminal is something that can cause a lot of stress under the time pressure and unknown venue. Luckily there are wayfinding solutions installed in many airports across the globe that make navigating easier.

Integrating different features into Wayfinding system is made easy thanks to the open platform. One solution that could help airport visitors is a Wayfinding solution that directs user to the right gate after scanning the boarding pass. Integrating barcode reader to Wayfinding will make user experience better and can help show innovativeness of the venue.

Lately, we were happy to offer our solution to one of the biggest airports in Indonesia. Our local partners helped them to set up the whole system based on enterprise license server solution which offers them a possibility to host solution in their own server. Scanning the barcode on the boarding pass was one of the features that they decided to include to give their visitors an easy and quick way to find their desired gate. We believe that this is one of the things that the airport could really benefit from. To get some more information about different integration possibilities contact us today and we are happy to give you a demonstration of our software!

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