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Wayfinding Kiosk with 3D Wayfinder

Wayfinding software in kiosks

3D Wayfinder’s touch friendly digital building directory has numerous benefits to make it a worthy investment that lasts. 3D floor plans of a property is more lifelike and easily understandable. Our wayfinding software with eye-catching design and an intuitive multi-touch interface makes wayfinding on kiosks easy and fun – just enter the destination and go! A graphical route directs visitors visually or step-by-step from the kiosk to the searched destination. Fast search engine enables to quickly find desired destinations just by typing in the relevant keywords.

There’s also an option to add interactive notifications, advertisements (with our digital signage add-on) and promotions. Reach larger spectrum of visitors, even those who don’t own a smartphone or tablet. 3D Wayfinder is fully customizable and integratable with other solutions like digital signage software.

Wayfinding Kiosk Features

  • 3D, semi 3D or 2D map;
  • Fast search engine – instantly find anything You’re looking for;
  • Pinch zoom and rotate the 3D floor plan;
  • “You are here” spot – indicates user`s current location;
  • Graphical route animation;
  • Realtime 3D walkthrough;
  • Route and coupons printout from the kiosk;
  • Multilingual – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish are just a few examples;
  • Different types of advertisements – banner ads, highlighted directory items, small pop-up banners in 3D map;
  • Content Management System (CMS) for remote management;
  • Statistics of usage – tenant popularity, language popularity, popular search keywords, most popular advertisements;
  • Custom user interface;
  • Possible to integrate wayfinding software with different physical devices – proximity sensors, speakers, printers and others;
  • Multiple integrations are possible – social networks, timetables, clock, weather, transportation, websites, campaigns and others.

Technical information of our wayfinding software

Our wayfinding software runs on kiosk hardware with regular PCs running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. The software works with most web browsers (Chrome 18, Firefox 20, Safari 5.1) and requires at least a medium-range graphics card to run smoothly. Please contact us for advice on making the best hardware choice for your wayfinding kiosk.

Minimum hardware requirements for wayfinding kiosk

There are different types of kiosks. Free-standing units with large touch screens (32”-46”) are most popular. To get the best 3D way finding results on kiosks we recommend at least the following specifications:

  • OS – Windows 7 or newer, OS X, Linux
  • Processor – i5 or better
  • Graphics – newer than Q4 2010 (GT 610, GT 430, ATI HD 5 & 6 series, Intel HD 4000) –  PassMark G3D Mark higher than 500
  • RAM – 2GB
  • Hard drive >30 GB drive
  • Display – Best experienced on multi-touch monitors 32“-47″, FullHD resolution

You can contact also our wayfinding software hardware partners.


Where to place wayfinding kiosk?

Wayfinding kiosks can be placed anywhere (indoor and outdoor) to offer visitors a quick, easy-to-use and conventional way to navigate. The best places are those with the most traffic, such as:

  • Entrances;
  • Atriums;
  • Near lifts, stairs and escalators.

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