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Create your own 3D applications

3D Wayfinder allows to create applications with 3D floor plans and make them interactive in any web-based application.


3D Wayfinder enables to display 3D floor plans, based on our open-source WebGL engine. The system has a powerful JavaScript API for integrating into any web-based application. It’s possible to get user actions from the map (clicks, panning, rotating, zoom etc) and interact back (show info on map, change floors, show paths, select areas or zoom to points). For more advanced applications there are also API functions for managing the content on the map. To achieve better scalability users can also render high quality images with appropriate viewing angle (create 2D maps).

1. Upload 3D model

Upload 3D floor plans. Common 3D file formats are supported: .dae, .3ds, .obj, .lwo

2. Set up content

Insert relevant locations and set up navigation mesh. Shortest routes are calculated automatically.

3. Embed the code

Embed the map it into your application, add custom functionality and publish it.