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_Use cases

Kennedy Space Centre - theme park wayfinding

Theme Park Wayfinding: Kennedy Space Centre

The John F. Kennedy Space Center, located in Florida, is a place of innovation and bravery. This is where the Apollo programm launched it’s space shuttles, which eventually took the first human to the Moon. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was created to commemorate the achievements of all the people involved. The complex has a variety of exhibits, artifacts, displays and attractions on the history and future spaceflight. In addition, it is possible to witness an actual shuttle launch, as the space center is still active. 3D Wayfinder created a theme park wayfinding solution to ensure a smooth experience for the park’s visitors.

Theme Park Wayfinding For a Historical Venue

The Kennedy Space Center is a dynamic place of innovation. Therefore it is only right that the visitor complex employs forward-looking theme park wayfinding solutions. During heavy traffic volumes of visitors staff might not be able to give enough attention to every guest. At any entertainment/education venue customer satisfaction should be of upmost importance. In this particular case we opted for the on-site kiosks. Having these kiosks makes life easier for both the visitors and employees. Kiosks ensure that visitors can easily find and get directions to attractions, toilets and eateries. The detailed 3D models, coupled with our pathfinding module, directs guests to the desired location in the fastest possible way. The visitor complex also hosts many special events, such as appearances from astronauts, lectures and rocket launches. Our kiosks display up to date information and notices on these kinds of special events.

A Snapshot of the 3D Model - theme park wayfinding
A Snapshot of the 3D Model

Another good way to guide people at entertainment venues is through a mobile application. A mobile app is accessible at all times by the visitors and gives them their exact location. It is possible to use either Bluetooth beacons indoors or GPS outdoors. The mobile app is extremely useful in case of emergencies, sending notifications about upcoming events at the venue or for targeted advertisements.

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Global Village in Dubai - amusement park wayfinding

Amusement Park Wayfinding: Global Village

Global Village is one of the largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment projects in the world. It stretches over an area of more than 1, 600 000 sqm and includes over 200 outlets. The mission of of the theme park is to showcase the diversity of mankind through cuisine, entertainment, music and architecture. In 2018 Global Village had more than 7 million visitors! 3D Wayfinder stepped in to help manage the flow of these masses of people with a truly special amusement park wayfinding solution.

Global village’s Unique Theme Park Wayfinding Solution

In order to meet Global Village’s unique needs we needed to create an unique solution. We decided to integrate our 3D Wayfinding solutions with an already popular app – Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the most popular messanger app globally, which means that a lot of the visitor wouldn’t have to download anything new. The guest simply needs to message a given number and a chatbot will react. The visitor will tell the chatbot where they need to get and the chatbot will send them an URL. Opening the URL will take the guest to a 2D map, where they are shown a path to their desired destination. Since Global Village is largely an outdoor venue we use GPS to pinpoint the device’s location. The visitor will also see additional information about the selected location, e.g opening times, upcoming events or the menu.

A snapshot of the app - theme park wayfinding
The wayfinding funvtion in effect

Our amusement park wayfinding solution reduces the workload of workers and enables them to focus on more important tasks. Installing wayfinding kiosks on-site or having interactive map on your website can have a similar effect.

You can check out our mobile application, kiosk and interactive website floor plans here!

Ülemiste centre - shopping mall wayfinding

Shopping Mall Wayfinding: Ülemiste Centre

Ülemiste centre is by far the largest shopping centre in Tallinn and Estonia. The centre comprises of 125 000 sqm, which includes 220 shops and tens of restaurants and cafes. It is located close to Tallinn airport, the main bus station of Tallinn and Ülemiste Technopolis. Tram, bus and train routes connect the mall to the city centre. Long story short – Ülemiste Centre is an extremely busy and international place in need of a specialized shopping mall wayfinding solution.

Ülemiste centre front entranmce - shopping mall wayfinding
Front entrance of Ülemiste Centre

Unique Shopping Mall Wayfinding Solution for Ülemiste

In order to make the mall accessible to all we implemented the dual approach of a mobile application combined with kiosks. The kiosks are located at convenient locations throughout the centre and include a building directory. There people can see the layout of the floors, search for specific shops or restaurants and get visual directions to them.

What we are especially proud of is the mobile application. The app works in the three most popular languages in Estonia – Estonian, Russian and English. Similarly to the kiosk, you can see the floor plans of the centre and search for specific shops and restaurants. The visitor’s location is pinpointed through iBeacons, which are Bluetooth low energy devices that can locate nearby electronic devices. Besides the path finding module, we included many other features to meet Ülemiste Centre’s needs. The app informs the user of ongoing sales in the mall and other campaigns. The app also allows the centre to send out notifications (push notifications) to inform the visitors about special offers, coupons or even emergencies. This sort of direct communication line to the customer can prove to be invaluable in shopping mall wayfinding. Another feature is the integration of gift cards into the app.

These were just some feature’s that the Ülemiste Centre chose to include in their solutions. 3D Wayfinder applications are highly adaptable to the customer’s needs and open to suggestions.

Check out our options for mobile applications and kiosks here!

Campus Wayfinding: Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

TalTech, the only technological university in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. So the fact that they chose 3D Wayfinder to create a campus wayfinding solution is an honour. The building directory includes over a thousand distinct rooms and covers more than 133 000 sqm! Campus wayfinding for universities of this size can be extremely beneficial, as there are many exchange students, visiting lecturers or people attending conferences.

TalTech’s Unique Campus Wayfinding Solution

TalTech decided to develop a 3D model of the campus and to install kiosks in conjunction with an online map. The solution lists all lecture halls, offices, dining rooms, services and other public rooms. We integrated the in-house personnel system with solution, so that it’s possible to search for a room or a lecturer. Our partner installed a kiosk at the main entrance of the university, where people are most likely to enter for the first time. The web-based map fits perfectly with the tech-savvy students, as most of them carry laptops with them to lectures anyway. Before the lecture ends you can quickly check where the next will take place and off you are! The campus wayfinding solutions work in both Estonian and English.

A snapshot of the 3D model of TalTech's campus wayfinding
A snapshot of the 3D model of TalTech’s campus

One particular complication we encountered was the nature of the campus, which has been built in many stages throughout the decades. The older structures lacked digital blueprints and have been remodeled numerous times. To solve this problem we visited all of the rooms in all of the corpus’. This resulted in a thorough overview of the campus, which the university lacked before.

The wayfinding kiosk used by a student - campus wayfinding
The wayfinding kiosk being used by a student

Another good option would’ve been a mobile application, as almost everyone has one with them at all times. Indoor positioning for mobile devices work through low energy Bluetooth beacons. These beacons use triangulation to establish the user’s location and the app generates a visual graphic route to the desired destination.

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Dhahran Expo - Exhibition Centre Wayfinding

Exhibition Centre Wayfinding: Dhahran Expo

Dhahran Expo is one of the largest conference, exhibition and event venues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The area of the venue’s indoor and outdoor areas combined are over a staggering 100 000 sqm. There are around 30 events, 3,000 exhibiting companies participating and more than one million visitors taking part annually. 3D Wayfinder offers the best exhibition centre wayfinding solutions for venues like these.

Exhibition Centre Wayfinding solution for Dhahran Expo

In Dhahran Expo’s case we applied the kiosk solution. Firstly, we created a 3D model of the venue, which gives an overview of the venue. This includes exhibition halls, a banquet hall, seminar rooms, outdoor exhibition area, business center, media center, mosque and parking areas. At the kiosk attendees can search for specific booths or events and get the directions to the destination. In cooperation with the venue, we identified the most likely targets, like the mosque and bathrooms, and created shortcut buttons for them. Also, we implemented an option to display the distance to the destination and time required to reach it. There are nearly endless ways that exhibition centre wayfinding and kiosks can be integrated into the organizing of the event. For instance, printing accreditation cards and coupons, interactive notifications or advertisements. The usage statistics can provide the organizers with helpful figures to make adjustments for the future. 

A 3D model of Dhahran Expo - exhibition centre wayfinding
3D model of Dhahran Expo

Another good solution for venues spread over such a massive area would be our mobile application, which relies on indoor navigation. In such a crowded space kiosks might not be reachable by everyone. The mobile nature of the app makes it much more flexible and accessible, as anyone can download it and use it anywhere, at any time. This would enable giving people up to date information on everything from upcoming events, changes in schedule, weather forecasts and public transportation. The third option is to integrate wayfinding to your existing website. Having a 3D model of the venues on the website allows visitors to pre-plan their movements.

Check out our kiosk, web-based and mobile application solutions here.

Sepinggan Airport wayfinding

Airport Wayfinding: Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport

The Sepinggan Balikpapan airport is one of the busiest in Indonesia, a country with a population of almost 270 million! The number of people relying on air travel globally is ever-increasing and the terminals are more and more crowded. Therefore, airport wayfinding is something that should be considered by everyone in the industry.

Airport wayfinding

We decided that kiosks would be the most optimal solution for the airport. The airport purchased the Enterprise Server license. This allows them to access the entirety of our code and control over all of the data. Our local partners helped to set up the system and their solution. Every passenger can now scan the barcode on their ticket and get directions to the required gate. This kind of innovative solution is really useful in a situation where time is of the upmost importance. This also limits the potential language and/or cultural barriers. Is it any surprise that the airport was awarded second place in service (for airports with an annual handling capacity of 5-15 million passengers)?

Scanning your ticket for airport wayfinding
Scanning the barcode on the ticket…
Scanning your ticket for airport wayfinding
… results in a visualized path to the gate

The Enterprise Server license gives you a comprehensive mastery over everything. You can host the the application in your own server, customize administration panel layout, configure the security settings and decide how to integrate your wayfinding with other applications. Also, you can use the kiosks for far more than just the path finding module. Integrating updates regarding public transport, weather forecasts, events or sales happening in the airport and so forth.

Another useful solution for an airport is to integrate wayfinding to your existing website. Having a 3D model of your airport, or any other busy transport hub, allows the travelers to pre-plan their movements. This in turn will reduce congestion and the need for on-site staff. A mobile application is the most flexible solution. Anybody can download it and use it anywhere and at any time. Also, you can display up to the minute updates regarding flights.

Check out our kiosk, web-based and mobile application solutions here.

Office building wayfinding - Maakri Quarter

Office Building Wayfinding: Maakri Quarter

Maakri Quarter in Tallinn is a stunning architectural project right in the heart of the city. The complex of buildings effortlessly combines old with new to create a unique aesthetic, in a neighborhood where steel-glass high-rises dominate. Seven distinct buildings make up the quarter. These are linked by a shared foyer and courtyard. Various offices take up the most space, but there is also a conference center, shops and eateries. The most remarkable part, of course, is the 30-storey high-rise. Taking all of this into account, this complex needs an adequate office building wayfinding solution as well.

Office building wayfinding - A snapshot of the 3D Model of Maakri Quarter
A snapshot of the 3D Model of Maakri Quarter

Maakri Quarter made accessible through office building wayfinding

Finding your way in a complex of seven distinct buildings, with numerous offices, shops cafes, flights of stairs, elevators and internal staircases, can be a time-consuming adventure. Time is money and we can’t afford to waste none. 3D Wayfinder created a custom office building wayfinding solution for Maakri Quarter to fit their needs. We created a 3D model of the complex to provide the best possible overview. From the kiosks people are able to see the building directory and the fastest route to the desired location. Whatever is useful can be displayed on the kiosk screens when they are inactive. For instance, in Maakri Quarter they display the Nasdaq Tallinn index. You can choose to integrate these screens to show practical information, like weather forecasts, public transport schedules, interactive notifications or even advertisements. The statistics provided by kiosks can also be a priceless source information about the movements of people in the building.

Depending on the level of complexity and area, a kiosk solution may not be enough. Installing kiosks at every entrance and on every floor would not be economical. A more flexible office building wayfinding solution is a mobile application. Indoor positioning makes things especially easy, thanks to Wi-Fi, bluetooth beacons, GPS and QR codes. Just like the kiosks, there are endless ways to integrate the mobile app to fulfill more than a path finding purpose.

Check out our kiosk, web-based and mobile application solutions here.

Yaroslavsky railway station

Yaroslavsky railway station is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow having 11 different platforms and 16 tracks. It is considered as one of the most beautiful railway stations in Moscow and it’s also the starting place for Trans-Siberian railway.

Changi Airport

Major civilian airport that serves Singapore and one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia serving more than 65 million passangers a year.

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