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We are doing server maintenance

There might be problems with 3D Wayfinder application today, as we are moving application server to another data center. Thanks to growing number of users, we need more storage place. So we are moving 3D Wayfinder application to another data center, which offers more flexible solutions for storage space. This causes some down-time for 3D […]

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Keeping floor plan editor idle in the background

new 3D floorplan editor

The new 3D Wayfinder Administration Panel is centered more around the floor plan editor. To provide better usability we keep the 3D editor idle when moving away to other pages, so switching between editor and other views is much faster now.   The new Administration Panel has been publicly available for testing since the beginning […]

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Indoor positioning demo with custom floors and iBeacons

Now it is possible to order indoor positioning demo application. For demo we will send you required amount of iBeacon devices and create custom 2D or 3D floor plan. With 3D Wayfinder mobile application it is possible to see indoor positioning with wayfinding functionality. iBeacons are Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that can broadcast their […]

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Wayfinding kiosk with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

We have recently experimented with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, to see how it can work as media player for digital signage display or wayfinding information kiosk. As a result we can say, it works well with 2D wayfinding maps and with 3D Wayfinder Advertisement Module.   Raspberry Pi is a small credit card […]

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Choosing the best wayfinding software


There are lots of different wayfinding softwares and it might be difficult to decide which solution to pick. We have used our experience and gathered some suggestions that will help you choose the best wayfinding application. Over all the best application is always the one that has the most options and can be adapted exactly to […]

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Creating BIM Applications with 3D Wayfinder


3D Wayfinder is now being used for Building Information Model (BIM) applications. By creating BIM kiosk software for Estonian National Museum we have added many new and useful features to our software and improved the performance for larger models.   Estonian State Real Estate Ltd ordered Building Information Model solution from us for recently opened […]

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New wayfinding directory for Lõunakeskus

kiosk eest

Lõunakeskus, one of the largest shopping centers in Estonia, has undergone a large scale upgrade.  It is now larger, freshly modernized and it uses large wayfinding kiosks with clean user interface and integrated location data. Lõunakeskus is the largest shopping center in southern Estonia and one of the largest shopping centers in Estonia. After the […]

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Building Kiosk for 3D Applications


We have developed an interactive kiosk for 3D applications. The kiosk is equipped with a landscape LCD screen, a touch panel and a dedicated graphics card which makes it suitable for applications that require greater graphical computing capabilities. Most of the modern kiosk hardware is made as thin as possible and in most cases kiosk […]

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Faster loading of 3D projects


We have changed the logic of initializing POI data in 3D Wayfinder. This gives up to 80% faster project initialization for medium and large projects. In very large projects, the increase is even larger – more than 90%. After data is loaded from the API 3D Wayfinder system had to setup the 3D scene. That […]

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New feature: Group hierarchy


We have added new feature to our administration panel for creating sub-groups. This brings whole new possibilities for wayfinding and other areas. Any location or POI (Place of Interest) can belong to one or many groups. So for example “Adidas” can be found under “Sport”, “Clothing” and “Footwear”. In many cases there has been need […]

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