Getting to Your Car with Wayfinding Software
April 17, 2024

What if you lose your car in parking house? It might have happened to anybody and it is not a pleasant discovery. But with wayfinding software these kinds of situations can be avoided. Look up your car on wayfinding map or by your car number – no [...]

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What if You don't Like that Visitors are Able to Move the 3D Map?
March 11, 2024
Locking 3D map movement

3D wayfinding maps give better understanding where you are and where would you like to go. In 3D Wayfinder, there are a lot of settings to manage how the 3D maps can be operated by users – main actions are moving, zooming and rotating. Now there i [...]

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FRAK 2 is Much Cleaner Now
February 28, 2024

We have updated our WebGL rendering engine FRAK 2. Many old code parts have been removed and loading 3D models is now much faster. Two months ago we released new version of our open-source rendering engine FRAK. As there has been many important c [...]

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3D Wayfinder Presentation at ISE 2024
February 7, 2024
Wayfinding software presentation at ISE2024

We introduced 3D Wayfinder software and presented new features last week at ISE 2024. This year's exhibition was largest ISE event so far.  The show was the biggest and the largest show floor space (82,000 sqm net) and attracted nearly 74 thousand [...]

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Augmented Reality with 3D Wayfinder
January 23, 2024

We are developing AR features to 3D Wayfinder. AR will provide wayfinding functionality through mobile device camera and it can mix location info from 3D Wayfinder with real camera image. AR functionality can be seen in ISE 2024 next week. AR or [...]

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Meet Us at ISE 2024
December 27, 2023

ISE 2024 will be from 30th of January till 2nd of February in Barcelona. This is the biggest event for digital signage and this year we will be there with our booth. Come to visit us to see the new features of 3D Wayfinder. Integrated Systems Eur [...]

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FRAK 2 in Beta Version for Testing
December 19, 2023

We have made significant changes in our WebGL rendering engine called FRAK. New version will be FRAK 2 and it can be tested in beta version with all 3D Wayfinder projects. FRAK engine is a JavaScript library/API for creating interactive 3D applic [...]

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Enhancing Wayfinding with QR Codes and NFC Tags
November 20, 2023

In the fast-paced digital era, technology continues to revolutionize the way we interact with our surroundings. One area where innovation has made significant strides is in wayfinding solutions. Gone are the days of paper maps and confusing signage. [...]

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Public Transportation Schedules with Wayfinding Software
October 20, 2023

In our fast-paced world, efficient and reliable public transportation is essential for the daily commute of millions. Whether it's the bustling metropolis or a smaller town. However the need for accurate and up-to-date transportation information can [...]

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New map formats for 3D and 2D floorplans
August 24, 2023

3D Wayfinder supports now GLTF for 3D floorplans and SVG for 2D floorplans. This provides new features and better-looking maps. Now there is a support for new 3D model format GLTF for 3D maps and also integrated support for SVG (vector-based imag [...]

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