cbOnPOIClick(poi : POI)

Called when data is loaded


Called when data is loaded

cbOnProgress(percentage : float)

Called when data is being loaded

cbOnLanguageChange(language : string)

Called when language is changed

cbOnBeforeFloorChange(floor : Floor)

Called before floor is changed

cbOnFloorChange(floor : Floor)

Called after floor is changed

cbOnZoomChange(zoom : float)

Called when zoom is changed


Called when map is rerendered – 2D?


Called when map is rerendered – 2D?

open(project : string)

Opens a project. Call this to initiate everything.


Reads project name from URL


Reads project layout from URL

getProject() => string

Get the project name

getAPILocation() => string

Get the location where the API makes requests

setKiosk(ID : Number)

Set the Node which is focus point

getKiosk() => Number

Get the location where map is focused and where the path starts


Get the Node of the current location

showPath(destination : NavigationNode)

Show path to the given node


Show default view

showFloor(floor, callback)

Shows floor hiding all floors that are above given floor

getLanguage() => Language

Get current language

setLanguage(language : string)

Set current language


Load the POI icons for later use


Loads POI icons that aren’t important before start

resize() => Language

Resize the map view. Call after changing the canvas element dimensions


Must be called by whatever detects POI clicks when POI is clicked. For 3d it is called by POIController.


Called when something changed the map zoom

setZoom(percentage : float)

Set the map zoom level


Increase map zoom by one step


Decrease map zoom by one step

pathToText(path : array, ) => object

Translate path to human readable object


Find a POI with given external room id

getNearestPOI(source : Node, list : Array, ) => POI

Get the nearest POI from the given POIs list

setHighlights(list : Array)

Highlight list of POIs


Removes highlight from previously highlighted locations


Called when language is changed. Usually by UserInterface class.

getLanguages() => Array

Returns list of languages

getPOIs() => Array

Returns list of POIs

getPOIGroups() => Array

Returns list of POI groups

getNodes() => Array

Returns list of Nodes

getEdges() => Array

Returns list of edges


Provides access to POI info.

getID() => int

Returns POI id

getName(language : string) => string

Returns POIs name for given language

getDescription(language : string) => string

Returns POIs description for given language

getShowInMenu() => boolean

Returns if the POI should displayed in the menu

getFloor() => Floor

Get the POIs floor

getNode() => Node

Returns POIs Node

getGroups() => Array

Returns POIs groups

getGroupNames() => Object

Gets translations in given language of names of all groups


Add an advertisement

getTags() => string

Returns POIs tags

getIcon() => Image

Returns POIs icon

getBackground() => Image

Returns POIs background image

getRoomId() => string

Returns POIs external room id

isAlwaysVisible() => boolean

If POI is always shown


Provides access to POI group info.

getID() => int

Returns groups id

getNames() => Array

Returns groups list of names

getName(language : string, ) => string

Returns group name for given language

getShowInMenu() => boolean

Returns if group is shown in the menu

getShowInTopMenu() => boolean

Returns if group should be shown in the top hot topics menu

getImageID() => int

Returns group image id

getPOIs() => Array

Returns group POIs

getColor() => Color

Returns group color


Provides access to floor info and Nodes/POIs related to this floor.

getID() => int

Returns floor id

getName(language : string, ) => string

Returns floor name for given language

getNames() => Array

Returns list of names

getPOIs() => Array

Returns list of POIs on this floor

getNodes() => Array

Returns list of Nodes on this floor


Provides access to Building info.


Adds a new floor


Removes a floor

getFloors() => Array

Gets all floors of the building as an object


Gets all floors sorted by index as an array


Provides access Wayfinder Settings

get(key, defaultValue)

Returns a setting by key ‘as is’.

getInt(key, defaultValue)

Returns a setting by key as integer.

getFloat(key, defaultValue)

Returns a setting by key as float.

getColor(key, defaultValue)

Returns a setting by key as color.

getBoolean(key, defaultValue)

Returns a setting by key as boolean.

set(key, value)

Sets a setting value.


Provides access to node info (3D position, rotation, type) and POIs related to this node.

getID() => int

Get Node id

getFloor() => Floor

Get Floor where the Node is set

getPOIs() => Array

Get POIs attached to this Node


Language representation (holds translations)

getName() => string

Name of this language (unique name, not translated name)

getID() => int

ID of this language

getTextDirection() => string

Get the direction of the language (RTL, LTR)