How to get started with 3D floor plan creation by yourself

3D Wayfinder is using ordinary 3D models for floor plans. It is important to follow some basic rules, to make the 3D models optimized for web. We have pointed out some modelling guidelines based on our best practices.

Example building

If You just want to try out how the system works then download this example models and textures. Also read our user manual.

Download models

Download textures

Uncompress the models zip file and upload all the models separately to 3D Wayfinder. Upload also on the Materials page.


3D Wayfinder supports Diffuse and Transparent materials. Materials can have JPEG and PNG textures. Textures are limited to 1024 x 1024 pixels. WebGL prefers power of 2 textures (16 x 16 px, 32 x 32 px, 64 x 64 px etc). Non power of 2 textures will decrease the application performance. Also note that less and smaller textures are always faster.


Today we support the following formats: .fbx, .dae, .lwo, and .3ds. But You can also try other formats that are supported by ASSIMP, We recommend that the whole building should not have more than 100 000 polygons. Larger amount on polygons could be noticeable slow on average computers.

Professional 3D modelling

You can always order floor plan from professional 3D artist. Creating floor plans for 3D Wayfinder is capable for any person who has made 3D models. You can see our 3D floor plan modelling prices.