Amusement Park Wayfinding: Global Village

Global Village is one of the largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment projects in the world. It stretches over an area of more than 1, 600 000 sqm and includes over 200 outlets. The mission of of the theme park is to showcase the diversity of mankind through cuisine, entertainment, music and architecture. In 2018 Global Village had more than 7 million visitors! 3D Wayfinder stepped in to help manage the flow of these masses of people with a truly special amusement park wayfinding solution.

Global village’s Unique Theme Park Wayfinding Solution

In order to meet Global Village’s unique needs we needed to create an unique solution. We decided to integrate our 3D Wayfinding solutions with an already popular app – Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the most popular messanger app globally, which means that a lot of the visitor wouldn’t have to download anything new. The guest simply needs to message a given number and a chatbot will react. The visitor will tell the chatbot where they need to get and the chatbot will send them an URL. Opening the URL will take the guest to a 2D map, where they are shown a path to their desired destination. Since Global Village is largely an outdoor venue we use GPS to pinpoint the device’s location. The visitor will also see additional information about the selected location, e.g opening times, upcoming events or the menu.

A snapshot of the app - theme park wayfinding
The wayfinding funvtion in effect

Our amusement park wayfinding solution reduces the workload of workers and enables them to focus on more important tasks. Installing wayfinding kiosks on-site or having interactive map on your website can have a similar effect.

You can check out our mobile application, kiosk and interactive website floor plans here!