Transportation Hubs


Wayfinding for travelers

Guide travelers, through busy transportation hubs, to their gate or platform

User statistics

Gain insights into your visitor’s behavior and improve

Targeted advertisements

Send visitors notifications based on age, gender etc… regarding special offers

Important notifications

Send travelers updates about delays, changes in departure time etc...

Save time

Help travelers save time by enabling them to plan their movements ahead

Direct communication

Create a direct line between travelers and personnel

Highly adaptable

Nearly limitless ways to integrate our solutions to the facility’s needs

Asset tracking

Keep tabs on equipment used by staff or travelers

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Wayfinding at airports

Is there anything more stressful than running late to catch a flight at an airport you’ve never been to? Our wayfinding solutions offer an excellent way to mitigate that feeling and create a pleasant experience at your facility.

Having a 3D model of your airport on your website allows people to pre-plan their movements and know how much time they will need. Having a 3D model on your website will be wonderfully complemented either by a mobile application or kiosks on-site.

These enable people to find their way not only to their gate, but to everything else at the airport: diners, bars, bathrooms, lounge areas, events at the airport and so on.

How it could work

Scan the ticket
Scan the QR code or barcode on the ticket
Traveler’s location
Based on Bluetooth beacons we locate the traveler
Set the route
The traveler can add any stops on the way, e.g a Starbucks
Off you are!
Get directions to the desired stops and the terminal gate

Air travel on the rise

The global shopping scene is going through a drastic change, as e-commerce is steadily on the rise. This, of course, doesn’t mean that shopping centre’s will disappear any time soon, but it does mean that they need to keep up. Making the customer’s experience as pleasant as possible is of the utmost importance. This is why having integrated wayfinding solutions is essential to keep a loyal customer base.

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