Airport Wayfinding: Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport

The Sepinggan Balikpapan airport is one of the busiest in Indonesia, a country with a population of almost 270 million! The number of people relying on air travel globally is ever-increasing and the terminals are more and more crowded. Therefore, airport wayfinding is something that should be considered by everyone in the industry.

Airport wayfinding

We decided that kiosks would be the most optimal solution for the airport. The airport purchased the Enterprise Server license. This allows them to access the entirety of our code and control over all of the data. Our local partners helped to set up the system and their solution. Every passenger can now scan the barcode on their ticket and get directions to the required gate. This kind of innovative solution is really useful in a situation where time is of the upmost importance. This also limits the potential language and/or cultural barriers. Is it any surprise that the airport was awarded second place in service (for airports with an annual handling capacity of 5-15 million passengers)?

Scanning your ticket for airport wayfinding
Scanning the barcode on the ticket…
Scanning your ticket for airport wayfinding
… results in a visualized path to the gate

The Enterprise Server license gives you a comprehensive mastery over everything. You can host the the application in your own server, customize administration panel layout, configure the security settings and decide how to integrate your wayfinding with other applications. Also, you can use the kiosks for far more than just the path finding module. Integrating updates regarding public transport, weather forecasts, events or sales happening in the airport and so forth.

Another useful solution for an airport is to integrate wayfinding to your existing website. Having a 3D model of your airport, or any other busy transport hub, allows the travelers to pre-plan their movements. This in turn will reduce congestion and the need for on-site staff. A mobile application is the most flexible solution. Anybody can download it and use it anywhere and at any time. Also, you can display up to the minute updates regarding flights.

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