Exhibition Centre Wayfinding: Dhahran Expo

Dhahran Expo is one of the largest conference, exhibition and event venues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The area of the venue’s indoor and outdoor areas combined are over a staggering 100 000 sqm. There are around 30 events, 3,000 exhibiting companies participating and more than one million visitors taking part annually. 3D Wayfinder offers the best exhibition centre wayfinding solutions for venues like these.

Exhibition Centre Wayfinding solution for Dhahran Expo

In Dhahran Expo’s case we applied the kiosk solution. Firstly, we created a 3D model of the venue, which gives an overview of the venue. This includes exhibition halls, a banquet hall, seminar rooms, outdoor exhibition area, business center, media center, mosque and parking areas. At the kiosk attendees can search for specific booths or events and get the directions to the destination. In cooperation with the venue, we identified the most likely targets, like the mosque and bathrooms, and created shortcut buttons for them. Also, we implemented an option to display the distance to the destination and time required to reach it. There are nearly endless ways that exhibition centre wayfinding and kiosks can be integrated into the organizing of the event. For instance, printing accreditation cards and coupons, interactive notifications or advertisements. The usage statistics can provide the organizers with helpful figures to make adjustments for the future. 

A 3D model of Dhahran Expo - exhibition centre wayfinding
3D model of Dhahran Expo

Another good solution for venues spread over such a massive area would be our mobile application, which relies on indoor navigation. In such a crowded space kiosks might not be reachable by everyone. The mobile nature of the app makes it much more flexible and accessible, as anyone can download it and use it anywhere, at any time. This would enable giving people up to date information on everything from upcoming events, changes in schedule, weather forecasts and public transportation. The third option is to integrate wayfinding to your existing website. Having a 3D model of the venues on the website allows visitors to pre-plan their movements.

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