BLE Beacons – small and cost-effective positioning devices

3D Wayfinder Mobile app has built-in functionality for indoor positioning with beacons.

iBeacons and Eddystones are Bluetooth low energy devices that can broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Beacons don’t cost much and they can last over a year with batteries. So this makes them perfect for indoor positioning.

3D Wayfinder Mobile app has built-in functionality for positioning with beacons. Using our editor, it is really easy to mark the beacons onto the map.

Advanced Indoor Positioning
3D Wayfinder offer indoor positioning with beacons. Beacons are perfect for indoor positioning.

3D Wayfinder uses triangulation-based positioning that counts other aspects like your last location, beacon signal strengths, last broadcast from beacons etc.

Based on signals from beacons, you will get your most probable position. When using 3D maps, the beacon heights from the ground are also taken into account.

This position can be used for your “You are here” location and it can be taken as a starting point for showing a route to users desired location.

Beacons with Mobile App

3D Wayfinder mobile application can show 2D or 3D maps with building directory, path visualization etc. Mobile app has built-in functionality to position based on beacons, that have been set-up for the map.

Mobile application interface can be customized just like kiosk wayfinding templates. We can also provide integrations with other systems, like gift cards and coupons (for shopping malls) or electricity controls for smart building application etc.