New Shaders in 3D Wayfinder

October 10, 2014

There is now specular shader implemented in 3D Wayfinder. This will give more life-like look for materials like metal, stone, plastic etc.

Specular shaders create the bright highlights that you would see on a glossy surfaces. It is mimicking the reflection of light sources. At this time the shader is not configurable, but we will add advanced configuration option in near future.

Below is the 3D floor plan model of Ahhaa Science Center. On the left there is the building with specular shader applied and on the right side the roof has no specular.

With specular shader
3D Wayfinder without specular shader
Without specular shader

For setting specular shader in 3D Wayfinder CMS, go to “Materials” and then “Media”. There you can select “Specular” for every material you have in your project.


We are continuously improving appearance of 3D floor plans. Following development tasks will also include implementing other shaders like:
1) SSAO – Screen Space Ambient Onclusion. This will make shadows for corners and edges.
2) Reflection – reflection of skybox and other rounding details.
3) Normal map. With normal map it is easy to create heterogeneous surfaces and terrains. For example this helps to make grass or wall with bricks.

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