Indoor/outdoor navigation

Help your visitors find their way around the venue

Introduce the venue

List and describe the locales at the venue

Targeted advertisements

Send guests notifications based on age, gender etc…

User statistics

Learn about your venue’s visitors' behavior

Enhanced customer service

Create a direct line between the venue and visitors

Highly adaptable

Nearly limitless ways to integrate our solutions to the venue’s needs

Asset tracking

Keep an eye on equipment used by staff or visitors

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Mobile guide at entertainment venues

Wayfinding at sports venues, theme parks or concert halls present the venue and it’s partners many opportunities that can go to waste if unutilized.

Venues like these are perfect for cross-selling as they usually include various bars, diners, kiosks and shops. Having a mobile application for your venue helps your customers explore the whole site and find exactly what they need.

This means increased revenues and satisfied customers. A mobile app also allows to send people targeted advertisements tailored according to their gender, age or any other specification.

How it could work

Arrive at venue
Present your ticket on the app
Find your seats
Let the app guide you to your event and correct seats
Explore the venue
Find the closest toilets or a restaurant
Stay updated
Receive relevant notifications and advertisements

Making the most out of your venue

Entertainment venues should seek to give their guests the best possible experience and keep them at the venue for as long as possible. Having access to the venue and information about it’s components through a mobile application is a big step in the right direction. Improving the customer’s experience is proven to improve the revenue as well.

Use Cases for Entertainment


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