Theme Park Wayfinding: Kennedy Space Centre

The John F. Kennedy Space Center, located in Florida, is a place of innovation and bravery. This is where the Apollo programm launched it’s space shuttles, which eventually took the first human to the Moon. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was created to commemorate the achievements of all the people involved. The complex has a variety of exhibits, artifacts, displays and attractions on the history and future spaceflight. In addition, it is possible to witness an actual shuttle launch, as the space center is still active. 3D Wayfinder created a theme park wayfinding solution to ensure a smooth experience for the park’s visitors.

Theme Park Wayfinding For a Historical Venue

The Kennedy Space Center is a dynamic place of innovation. Therefore it is only right that the visitor complex employs forward-looking theme park wayfinding solutions. During heavy traffic volumes of visitors staff might not be able to give enough attention to every guest. At any entertainment/education venue customer satisfaction should be of upmost importance. In this particular case we opted for the on-site kiosks. Having these kiosks makes life easier for both the visitors and employees. Kiosks ensure that visitors can easily find and get directions to attractions, toilets and eateries. The detailed 3D models, coupled with our pathfinding module, directs guests to the desired location in the fastest possible way. The visitor complex also hosts many special events, such as appearances from astronauts, lectures and rocket launches. Our kiosks display up to date information and notices on these kinds of special events.

A Snapshot of the 3D Model - theme park wayfinding
A Snapshot of the 3D Model

Another good way to guide people at entertainment venues is through a mobile application. A mobile app is accessible at all times by the visitors and gives them their exact location. It is possible to use either Bluetooth beacons indoors or GPS outdoors. The mobile app is extremely useful in case of emergencies, sending notifications about upcoming events at the venue or for targeted advertisements.

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