Shopping Mall Wayfinding: Ülemiste Centre

Ülemiste centre is by far the largest shopping centre in Tallinn and Estonia. The centre comprises of 125 000 sqm, which includes 220 shops and tens of restaurants and cafes. It is located close to Tallinn airport, the main bus station of Tallinn and Ülemiste Technopolis. Tram, bus and train routes connect the mall to the city centre. Long story short – Ülemiste Centre is an extremely busy and international place in need of a specialized shopping mall wayfinding solution.

Ülemiste centre front entranmce - shopping mall wayfinding
Front entrance of Ülemiste Centre

Unique Shopping Mall Wayfinding Solution for Ülemiste

In order to make the mall accessible to all we implemented the dual approach of a mobile application combined with kiosks. The kiosks are located at convenient locations throughout the centre and include a building directory. There people can see the layout of the floors, search for specific shops or restaurants and get visual directions to them.

What we are especially proud of is the mobile application. The app works in the three most popular languages in Estonia – Estonian, Russian and English. Similarly to the kiosk, you can see the floor plans of the centre and search for specific shops and restaurants. The visitor’s location is pinpointed through iBeacons, which are Bluetooth low energy devices that can locate nearby electronic devices. Besides the path finding module, we included many other features to meet Ülemiste Centre’s needs. The app informs the user of ongoing sales in the mall and other campaigns. The app also allows the centre to send out notifications (push notifications) to inform the visitors about special offers, coupons or even emergencies. This sort of direct communication line to the customer can prove to be invaluable in shopping mall wayfinding. Another feature is the integration of gift cards into the app.

These were just some feature’s that the Ülemiste Centre chose to include in their solutions. 3D Wayfinder applications are highly adaptable to the customer’s needs and open to suggestions.

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