Use wayfinding solution to promote your services

3D Wayfinder is a very attractive channel for communicating with customers. When visitors are searching for something, targeted ads are more impactful. Customers can be attracted by giving out coupons, offering special deals, providing additional information.

For example it is somewhat similar to targeted ads in search-engine. Customer type the keyword and ads with this keyword will be shown first. When customer search some company then get their advertisement first. Targeted adds are bonus for customer search – get best meal or find a shop with better discount.

For the owner of a wayfinding kiosk, for example a mall, this is a profitable opportunity to make a profit. The mall can sell the advertising opportunity and platform to shops, restaurants and entertainment companies.

There are three types of ads:
  • Banner ads that can be images, videos, animation. Ads are displayed on the screen as soon as the customer opens the kiosk screen.
  • Highlighted directory items with additional ad text (similar to Google Sponsored Links). Ads like these can be display next to a map. In this case, a small text with the content of the offer can also fit on top of the advertisement.
Wayfinding Adveritsement

  • Advertisements can be also land-marks. For example, customer can be guide around the pizza place and at the same time customer will see the daily pizza offer as an advertisement.

Why should you choose 3D Wayfinder for advertising?

Following numbers are rough estimates. For specific calculations, please contact our sales department.

Let say the initial cost for wayfinding is following:

  • Wayfinding screens with set-up (5 screens) – 15 000 euros
  • Wayfinding software with maps – 5 000 euros
  • Printed QR stickers, advertisement for tenants, labor cost – 5 000 euros

Now let’s say that there are about 100 tenants in shopping mall. If each tenant pays 5 euros per day on average (it is not a large amount in comparison with search engine adds that might cost 1 euro per visitor). This means only 5 clicks per day (when taking 1 euro per click). Besides, visitors will certainly spend more money while in the shopping mall, opposed to just surfing in web.

It means 5 euros (average amount spent by tenant) multiplied 100 (number of tenants) makes 500 euros per day and about 15 thousand in month. This means that the ROI of wayfinding software is only a little-bit over a month. There are not many investment options with that good profitability!

When take rental price of 15 euros per square meter, this additional 15 thousand means that shopping mall gets the same fee as renting out 1000 m2. Building additional 1000 m2 is probably more expensive that 1 million euros. This means using wayfinder solution with advertisements is as profitable as additional 1000 m2, but instead of costing 1 million, it only costs 20 thousand.

Here you can find Advertisement module tutorial and now the tutorial can be directly opened from Advertisement module in 3D Wayfinder administration panel. Editing and adding ads is very easy.