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About Lõunakeskus Live Demo

Lõunakeskus (South Center) lies in the south area of Tartu, Estonia. It is the largest shopping center in South-Estonia. Center was opened in 2001 on a 15 000 square meter area. At the moment it has increased to 66 000 square meters and there are more than 160 shops and service providers. Three-story building has become relatively complex due to multi-staged construction. The tenants are constantly changing and the shops are growing or downsizing. 120 000 people visit the building in a week and the center attracts approximately 6 million visitors annually.

Lõunakeskus (South Center) uses all 3 platforms (kiosk, mobile and web) to provide better indoor navigation for visitors.

Kiosk application and hardware

The centre has 5 entrances and to 3 of them were installed 32″ single touch screen kiosks with i3 APU’s from Intel running Windows 7 and protected Internet Explorer 9. Hardware was provided by our partner ML Novator.

3D Wayfinder for kiosk contains the following features:

  • 3D map;
  • Fast search engine;
  • Pinch zoom and rotate;
  • “You are here” spot – indicates user`s current location;
  • Graphical route animation;
  • Multilingual;
  • Custom user interface;
  • Deals.

Mobile Device Application

Lõunakeskus is using also a 3D Wayfinder Mobile app for iOS and Android plaforms. This application positions the visitor automatically and guides from current location to desired location with a graphical route. It also enables to see the latest promotions and deals.

3D Wayfinder for mobile application contains the following features:


    • Interactive 2D map;
    • Automatic positioning;
    • Graphical route animation;
    • Search by name, group or tag;
    • Deals;
    • Customized first page (working hours, bus time schedule, contact information, integration with Facebook);
    • Multilingual;
    • Google maps for driving directions.

Web Application

People can access the wayfinding application also from distance by visiting homepage. 3D Wayfinder’s Web version allows to pre-plan center visits and see if they have some ongoing promotions.

3D Wayfinder for web application contains the following features:

  • Interactive 2D map;
  • Search by name, group or tag;
  • Deals;
  • Multilingual.


According to Jaan Lott, the Center Manager, the multi-system platform is still rather new to the tenants, but is gaining in popularity, as clients realise it is an effective channel for their advertisements and special offers.

“3D Wayfinder has helped shops to stand out from the crowd and invite more visitors to their shops,” he says.


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