What if You don’t Like that Visitors are Able to Move the 3D Map?

March 11, 2024

3D wayfinding maps give better understanding where you are and where would you like to go. In 3D Wayfinder, there are a lot of settings to manage how the 3D maps can be operated by users – main actions are moving, zooming and rotating. Now there is an easy way to disable any movement of 3D maps at all.

Both 3D and 2D maps have their own advantages and are suitable for different purposes. The choice between 2D and 3D for wayfinding depends on the specific needs of the user and the context in which the map is being used. One important thing with 3D maps is that you can configure view to the map and it can be on any angle you like. The initial view and option to zoom, rotate and move the map makes the 3D maps realistic and easily understandable for users. 3D Wayfinder supports 2D and 3D, in many projects, we are using both maps in wayfinding software. Simple and fast loading 2D maps for mobile devices and 3D maps for interactive kiosks.

What kind of maps to prefer depends on many factors, you can read our blog posts about the differences of 2D and 3D maps in our blog post from 9 year ago. Our latest developments are in the field of Augmented Reality or simply AR, that is considered to be based on 3D models. But actually, 3D Wayfinder can use AR featured without having the actual 3D map. So quite everything is possible with 3D Wayfinder, but what if customers want the 3D without the main features – moving, zooming and rotating?

We have been asked to limit the movement of the 3D maps, so we added a new setting, that allows to lock the map. These settings disable the end-users to move, zoom or rotate the map:

  • mouse.enable-moving
  • mouse.enable-touch-moving

First settings allows the maps to be moved by mouse and the second is for touch. To change these, open Advanced menu in 3D Wayfinder administration panel. Then choose settings and find the settings by their code-names. By default, they are checked. So, uncheck them and click “Save”.

Most of the settings can be changed also by Javascript when building 3D Wayfinder templates. This is done by simply changing the value of setting:

wayfinder.settings.set(“setting.name”, “value”)

To learn more about 3D Wayfinder Javascript API, please see 3D Wayfinder documentation.

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