Navigate the Mall with a Mobile App

March 4, 2013

3D Wayfinder, the provider of indoor navigation solutions in large public buildings, has launched a mobile application for shoppers which provides maps of all of their favorite shopping centres and details of onsite promotions direct to their smartphones. The benefits to retail site owners is that they can use this to connect with visitors and generate advertising revenue from tenants.

“Twenty-one per cent of global smartphone users (or 187 million consumers) bought a product using their smartphone in 2012 according GlobalWebIndex,” comments Taavi Juursalu CEO of 3DWayfinder. “So our solution is an obvious one for shoppers and retailers alike”.

The solution gathers all shopping centres into one database with 3D plans of each site. Users can then choose the desired centre from the list and see what they have to offer. For the shopping centre owners simple administration makes it very easy to change tenant information ensuring the maps are always up-to-date. Retailers can place text or micro or ads in real-time letting shoppers know about clearance sales or last minute bargains.


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