Getting to Your Car with Wayfinding Software

April 17, 2024

What if you lose your car in parking house? It might have happened to anybody and it is not a pleasant discovery. But with wayfinding software these kinds of situations can be avoided. Look up your car on wayfinding map or by your car number – no more hassles and another good reason to use wayfinding software in large buildings.

Losing your car in a parking house can be a frustrating experience and make you really anxious. It’s a scenario that many people can relate to, especially in large, multi-level parking structures where rows upon rows of vehicles can seem to blend together. Lately we have completed many wayfinder projects with features for looking up parked cars. There are different options for this and below we will give short overview.

Easiest solution is to use QR-codes near each parking space or area. By scanning the QR code user will initialize 3D Wayfinder with right place on map (where the car was parked). This is kept in mobile browser cache, so the Wayfinder maps don’t even have to be kept opened. Next time user opens Wayfinder application, all they have to do is press a shortcut pointing to parked car and directions can be automatically displayed to get to their car. QR-codes are easy to print and 3D Wayfinder provides option to get printable QR-codes from 3D Wayfinder administration panel.

More advanced way is to integrate wayfinding software with camera software that automatically detects all car numbers. In case visitor forgets where the car is parked, all they need to do is to open wayfinding application on touchscreen kiosk or mobile application and enter the car number.

3D Wayfinder can be easily integrated to any software that supports communication over web-based protocols. We have integrated 3D Wayfinder with Park Assist and by just looking up the car in parking house, visitors can also see the route to the right place.

To learn more about parking place options with 3D Wayfinder, please contact our sales team.