Transparent Mesh Bug Fixed

May 19, 2023

We have fixed one bug in 3D Wayfinder that caused transparent meshes to be not visible at all. This
hasn’t accured before
. But now it is fix and loading materials for 3D models is also faster now.

In the vast realm of 3D graphics, transparent meshes are a powerful tool that adds depth, complexity and realism to virtual environments. By allowing light to pass through certain areas of a 3D model, transparent meshes offer a myriad of creative possibilities for designers, game developers, and artists and also for 3D Wayfinder users.

Transparent meshes are mostly use for creating windows (glass) in 3D Wayfinder. At the same time transparent meshes are good to mark room ceilings. So ceilings can be click without showing the actual mesh on top of the room.

A transparent mesh, in simple terms, is a three-dimensional object that has some parts or surfaces that are see-through. This see-through effect is achieve by assigning a certain level of transparency to specific polygons or vertices within the mesh. Transparency is commonly represent by an alpha value, where 0 represents complete transparency (invisible) and 1 represents full opacity (completely visible).

Most 3D software packages provide material or shader settings that allow artists to control the transparency of meshes. These settings typically involve adjusting the alpha value or using texture maps to define the transparency level. In 3D Wayfinder we use also shaders for creating mesh-transparency. To use transparency for material, just change the “Shader type” to “Transparent”. The transparency is determine also by the 2 letters in the color (FF is not transparent and 00 is fully transparent).

According to one of our last projects. We found out that not all transparent meshes are shown.

Transparent Mesh Bug Fixed. We have fixed one bug in 3D Wayfinder that caused transparent meshes to be not visible at all.

This bug was fixed by overwriting the code for loading materials. So the bug has been fix and loading
process for materials should be also faster.

Please read 3D Wayfinder tutorial about managing materials and transparency settings. We also have some guidelines for creating 3D maps ( for 3D Wayfinder, please look them also before starting to create your own 3D wayfinding maps.

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