Wayfinding for attendees

Help your visitors find their way at the venue

User statistics

Gain insight into your venue’s visitors' behavior

Targeted advertisements

Send customers notifications based on age, gender etc…

Wayfinding for staff

Sometimes even staff may need help navigating the premises

Improved customer service

Create a direct line between the venue and visitors

Highly adaptable

Nearly limitless ways to integrate our solutions to the venue’s needs

Asset tracking

Keep tabs on equipment used by staff or visitors

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Wayfinding at exhibition and conference venues

Exhibition and conference venues face particular challenges and need specific solutions accordingly. Luckily 3D Wayfinder has plenty of experience in that department! A venue may consist of many distinct buildings and outside areas.

Implementing a mobile application can be a good way to go, as most people already have a device in their pocket and the venues tend to be very large. The device can be located either through GPS (outdoors) or Bluetooth beacons (indoors). The application lets people find exactly what they’re interested in and guides them there.

Besides wayfinding, the application can be integrated to include ticketing, updates regarding events, daily proceedings, public transportation or weather forecasts. We are eager to learn what kind of specific needs your venue has!

How it could work

Arrive at the venue
Present your ticket/credentials on the app
Find your interests
Find companies and topics that interest you
Get directions
Receive an intuitive visual path displayed on the app
Stay updated
Receive relevant notifications about the conference

Exhibition industry issteadily expanding

The global exhibition industry is expected to see steady growth during the period from 2020-2023. The most marked growth will be seen in the Asia-Pacific region as those economies are predicted to continue increasing their manufacturing output. Having integrated wayfinding solutions is a sure way to stand out in such a competitive market!

Use Cases for Exhibitions


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