We’ve Cut the Prices for 3D Floor Plan Modelling

November 28, 2016

We have redesigned our 3D modelling process and now we are able to provide more competitive prices for custom 3D modelling. New prices are almost 40% lower than before.

When using our wayfinding application with 3D floor plans, you need 3D models of the buildings. With new public buildings, it is not a problem, as there are usually 3D models created for architectural or advertisement purposes. These 3D models still need some optimization and fine-tuning, so they can run smoothly and look nice in 3D Wayfinder application. But when there are no existing 3D models, then they need to be created.

We have developed a unified modelling process for creating 3D floor plans. Thanks to this we are capable of offering reasonable prices with fast and guaranteed delivery. Usual time for 3D floor plan modeling is 7 to 28 days depending on the complexity of floor plans and detail level. There are 3 specified detail levels:

Lite – Simple and easily understandable floor-plan in real 3D. Rooms look like “boxes”, but important elements for navigation (escalators, stairs, lifts) are modelled with good detail.

Standard – Optimized 3D floor plans with good compromise between details and performance. This is most common pick by our customers.

Premium – High detail and life-true 3D floor plans.

Custom modelling work depends on many things, like number of rooms in the building, building complexity etc. We have developed a modelling process, which enables us to give the price of the custom modelling instantly. Have a look at our 3D Price Calculator.

We have recently started a co-operation with the local Univeristy of Arts, where 3D modelling is one of the major subjects. This has helped us to widen our 3D modelers community.

The new prices are about 40% lower then before. For example we used to have a price of 13 euros per additional room, now it is 8 euros per additional room. The base prices have also decreased significantly.

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