Advertisement add-on user manual now available

July 13, 2015

Advertisement add-on user manual is now publicly available. Advertisement add-on makes your wayfinding application part of your digital-signage channel. It is possible to use video and banner ads, set duration, layout and everything you need for managing advertisements in wayfinding application.

User manual covers the most basic part of managing advertisements:

  • Choosing advertisement area
  • Creating frames and modifying frame layout
  • Managing frames
  • Setting restrictions e.g. date period, when frame will be shown
  • Uploading images and videos

Advertisement user manual is part of 3D Wayfinder administration panel manual.

Read how to add and manage different ads in 3D Wayfinder. Ads can be images or videos and it is possible to create different  layouts. You can also use a “screen saver” mode, where you can show only advertisements. This helps to profit from wayfinding, when nobody is currently using the application.

Adverrtisement add-on price is 99 USD per month. See also other 3D Wayfinder add-ons.


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