3D Floor Plan Ordering form Published

August 28, 2014

We have published 3D floor plan ordering and pricing form . It will make easier to order floor plans from us and give the price estimation right away  when selecting options and checking input materials.


We are offering 3 different detail levels:
1) Lite – simple floor plan, but still in 3D. Suitable for large buildings to keep the model file size smaller.
2) Standard – More detailed 3D model, with textures, entrances etc. This is compromise between details and model sizes and it is the most common choice from our customers.
3) Premium – Lifelike 3D model of the actual building. All additional objects like trees, cars, benches etc are included, to make the floor plan more realistic.

Besides the level of detail, modelling price depends on number of rooms, floors and buildings. Modelling time also depends on given materials, so having good materials also affects the price. If possible, we would like to get CAD-drawings and photos of the building.

Floor plan ordering form can be found from here.

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