Add-ons for 3D Wayfinder

January 21, 2015

You can order several add-ons for 3D Wayfinder. To get expanded functionality for managing and presenting 3D floor plans.

At the moment there are following additional modules available:

1) Statistics – for tracking application usage by time, location, keyword and other parameters. All the data is also visualized with charts.
2) Pathfinding – enables to create navigation paths in 3D Wayfinder Editor to provide wayfinding functionality.
3) Snapshot – tools for creating 3D Wayfinder offline application.
4) Raytracing – generate 2D images from 3D models.
5) Advertisement – make your wayfinding application part of your digital-signage channel and publish ads in wayfinder.

All add-ons can be ordered from “Add-ons” page under “Billing” menu in 3D Wayfinder Administration. Add-ons are monthly subscription based, so you can always cancel your subscription.

3D Wayfinder has many useful add-ons

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