New Pricing Plans for 3D Wayfinder

September 16, 2014

We have revealed new pricing plans for 3D Wayfinder to support usage of 3D Wayfinder also in other areas than wayfinding. Simplest plan is now only $9 per month. This allows to create 1 project and access 3D Wayfinder CMS and API. This plan is suitable to get your 3D project started.

First two plans don’t include Pathfinding add-on anymore. Pathfinding module can be ordered additionally if needed. Pathfinding functionality is necessary mainly for wayfinding solutions. For other areas like smart building UI-s, architecture visualization etc. our customers prefer to pay for it as they need this. The same way be added other additional functionality like statistics, user management and 2D rendering¬† to your selected service plan.

Our existing 3D Wayfinder customers will start paying according to new price-list, but they will get also Pathfinding add-on as an extra gift.

For detailed overview and comparison see our Plans and Pricing section. There is trial period of 14 days with all our service plans, so you can try before you buy.

For wayfinding software we still encourage you to contact us. We will make a special offer for you according to your needs with all necessary 3D Wayfinder add-ons and functionality.

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