Portals in Wayfinding Software

May 25, 2016

We have implemented new type of nodes – portals. This makes it possible to guide visitors instantly from one point to another.

Portals in wayfinding software can be used for creating an instant path between a large number of floors or when floors are drawn on the same map as shown in the image below.


In the case where a building has a large number of floors the portal nodes become exceptionally useful they allow the path to “jump” instantly from one floor to another making the path visualization instant.
The portal nodes are useful in the case where there is a greater distance between locations where you don’t need to show the way. For example in the case when using a train or a tunnel in between locations.

The nodes operate the same way as in the popular videogame Portal. The main idea is that you can create two gateways in between which the path can move freely either way.

Currently the portal nodes only operate on 2D maps, but at the moment we are working on developing portal nodes for 3D maps. They will be available soon to make your wayfinding solutions even more flexible.

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