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New feature: Group hierarchy


We have added new feature to our administration panel for creating sub-groups. This brings whole new possibilities for wayfinding and other areas. Any location or POI (Place of Interest) can belong to one or many groups. So for example “Adidas” can be found under “Sport”, “Clothing” and “Footwear”. In many cases there has been need […]

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Accordion path animation


New feature we have added for wayfinding applications is accordion style floors when using path animation. This means, that all floors will be visible on the screens when showing the path through multiple floors. In 3D Wayfinder you will see all floors as they exist in real building, so they are just simplified 3D models […]

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New responsive template for 3D Wayfinder


New template is now available for all 3D Wayfinder users. Template called “Iglu” is responsive HTML5 based template for 3D Wayfinder with clean and modern design. It is open-source and uses our newest AngularJS framework based template. There is a new default template for all 3D Wayfinder projects and it’s called Iglu. Currently this template […]

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Compass widget for 3D floor plans


We have added compass widget for Developers Template. Compass arrow can be shown on top of the map canvas to point to the north (or any other direction) of the 3D floor plan. Compass is one of the tools and widgets that is needed for one of our larger building information (BIM) project. There are […]

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ISE Amsterdam 2017 is coming up!


Our team is participating in the Integrated Systems Europe 2017. ISE is taking place at the RAI Amsterdam on 7-10 February 2017. This year we will be participating in the exhibition from 7.-8. of February. Come meet up with us, we will be moving around and looking for new partnerships and connecting with our current […]

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15% performance gain for larger 3D floor plans


We have improved our 3D rendering engine. Thanks to better memory management we got 10..20% performance increase in FPS with larger 3D models.   We updated our WebGL javascript engine – FRAK – in 3D Wayfinder. Many memory management functions have been improved in the new version. With the new FRAK engine 3D Wayfinder provides […]

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New Administration panel available for testing


3D Wayfinder new adminisration panel is now publicly available for testing. It contains already most of the functionality and is optimized for mobile devices. New administration panel is accessible for public use now. It can be opened here:   We have been redesigning 3D Wayfinder Administration panel for almost half a year now. During the […]

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Development template is now available


A new template for development purposes has been published with simplified javascript API. Now it is even easier to get started with 3D Wayfinder and the integration of 3D maps into web applications. We have published a special template for development purposes. It includes a 3D map with resize function, floor buttons, list of locations […]

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Wayfinding software full specification published

We have published full feature list of 3D Wayfinder wayfinding software. This covers the important features for wayfinding and building directory administration. 3D Wayfinding has a lot of functionality and features, that might be not visible with first test use. For making the selection of wayfinding application easier and giving , we have published full […]

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We’ve cut the prices for 3D floor plan modelling

We have redesigned our 3D modelling process and now we are able to provide more competitive prices for custom 3D modelling. New prices are almost 40% lower than before. When using our wayfinding application with 3D floor plans, you need 3D models of the buildings. With new public buildings, it is not a problem, as […]

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