Use of wayfinding kiosks after extending a mall
December 18, 2018

Shopping mall “Eeden” in Tartu has just got a new look with some new 9000m2 of shopping area. After rebuilding the mall three wayfinding kiosks were also placed. We were happy to deliver them a beautiful and simple wayfinding software. Lately we [...]

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Using wayfinding software in retail stores
December 3, 2018

Wayfinding software could make visiting retail stores more pleasant. Getting lost in big shopping mall is something that most of us has experienced. Finding what you need might be especially tricky when you are in the shop for the first time and ther [...]

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First person view makes wayfinding more real
October 20, 2018

We have had first person view as a camera option for a while, but it hasn’t been very flexible. We have now fixed the issues and added new settings to make the camera run smoothly and at desired height. First person view camera can be used with 3D [...]

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Adding videos is easier now
May 2, 2018

We added functionality to set a frame duration automatically based on the length of video that was added to the frame. Adding a frame duration was done manually before, it caused problems like cutting a video short or starting replaying a video. Now [...]

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Using widgets in wayfinding application
April 13, 2018

Wayfinding applications are not just maps with “You Are Here” dot anymore. There are many possible functionalities and widgets that our customers prefer to see on their wayfinding applications. 3D Wayfinders HTML-based user interface makes it re [...]

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Temporary server issues
April 2, 2018

3D Wayfinder has currently a server issue and our service is not working. The issue is with our Frankfurt data volume is down. 3D Wayfinder has currently a server issue and our service is not working at the moment. The issue is with our Frankfurt da [...]

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Our kiosk will take part of centenary celerbration
February 23, 2018

Estonia celebrates its 100th birthday this weekend. Estonian National Museum, where we have provided the BIM kiosk, is playing a big part in it.   President Kersti Kaljulaid's official reception will be held in the Estonian National Museum o [...]

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International colleges benefit most from wayfinding solutions
February 13, 2018

Large school campuses are usually difficult to navigate for new students and visitors. We installed wayfinding kiosks for Baltic Defence College which is international college with complicated buildings, facing the same “hard to find” problem. B [...]

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New improvements for 2D floor plans
January 30, 2018

We have added a couple of improvements for 2D floor plans, that make uploading 2D floor plan images easier. We are also working on couple of new features, that will make using 2D maps much easier. 3D and 2D maps share the same data in 3D Wayfinder. [...]

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Wayfinding kiosks are part of renovating a mall
January 4, 2018

Harbour placed shopping mall Nautica has got a new name and a new look. After rebuilding the shopping mall, two wayfinding kiosks were also placed. Although the mall is not large, the wayfinding feature is really important for them. Nautica mall i [...]

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