Help Us To Develope AR for 3D Wayfinder

March 15, 2023

WE are adding augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality features for 3D Wayfinder. With AR and mixed reality it is possible to provide map information and directions on camera image. This makes wayfinding in large buildings even more simpler and extends the possibilities to use 3D Wayfinder.

Develope AR for 3D Wayfinder

3D Wayfinder provides interactive 3D applications and real-time rendering solutions in self-service kiosks, mobile applications, maps on websites and indoor/outdoor positioning with Bluetooth iBeacons or GPS. We have worked with organizations across the globe. We have developed our own WebGL engine-Frak. It is open-source and free.

With WebGL becoming a standard in web browsers and by improving the speed of Frak. We have widened the purpose of 3D Wayfinder to be used for example for architectural visualization, property management, BIM software etc. Thanks to a powerful API and open architecture, it is possible to use 3D Wayfinder in other areas and applications.

Currently we are hiring AR developers. Doesn’t matter where you are located. You can be the proud member of our team. And at the same time work from your home. It doesn’t matter to us where and what time you work. What matters is the result. We have a thrifty team and we communicate with each other online on a daily basis. We offer support to all our employees. For us there are no stupid questions or silly ideas.

We welcome you to our team if you have the necessary skills in developing augmented reality or you are very interested in this and capable to learn fast. Bold initiative and the ability to work in a team are a bonus. If you recognized yourself, write to us and we’ll talk about everything in more detail.

Required skills are:
– web-programming. This means Javascript, HTML, CSS etc.
– It would be good, if the candidate has experience with AR development: how to get mobile device direction, use gyroscope, render content on camera image.
– It would be good to have some experience also with WebGL.

Come to our team and help to develope AR for 3D Wayfinder.

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