Navigate on the go

Indoor navigation has never been so fast and simple. 3D Wayfinder Mobile includes all the basic functions – maps, positioning, search and deals, just as in the kiosk and web versions.

3D Wayfinder indoor navigation mobile application includes all the basic functions – maps, positioning, search and deals like in the kiosk and web versions.

The software automatically detects user`s outdoor and indoor location and helps to find the best route to the destination. It is a portable and flexible solution which provides an opportunity to check out location information anywhere, anytime. Just use Your mobile device to find the right way.

Mobile wayfinding applications are very attractive channels for communicating with customers. It is possible to place a text or banner advertisements directly from the Content Management System (CMS)and analyze statistics of clicks, views and search keywords. Adding tags to products, services or brands, gives the visitors more opportunities to find the right destination. It helps to reach customers outside the property. People can access maps and promotions even if there are no self-service kiosks around. 

  • Intuitive 2D or 3D floor plans;
  • Indoor positioning – WIFI, bluetooth beacons, GPS, QR codes
  • Graphical shortest routes from the current location to selected destination;
  • Multilingual – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish are just a few examples;
  • Content Management System (CMS) for remote management;
  • Different type of advertisements – banner ads, highlighted directory items, sale icon on the map;
  • Fast search engine – instantly find different locations;
  • Multiple integrations are possible – social networks, timetables, push notifications, weather, websites, other databases etc;